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Organic Pesticide

亚涩APP手机线路: We offer complete Organic Pesticide, Bio Pesticide, bio fertilizer, Organic Fertilizer, IPM, INM , Water Conservation and weed management, cost effective certified organic solutions for agriculture horticulture and floriculture use. All our inputs are certified for NPOP standard.

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Bio Fertilizer

Our Pesticide & fertilizer Products are effective in biological as well as mixed agricultural practices. Bio Fertilizer: We offer bio fertilizer, Organic Fertilizer in mesh and pallett form as per BIS specifications for Cattle, Pig, Rabbit, poultry and Fish. We can also offer animal feed, free from synthetic chemical and additives.

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Organic Pesticide and Organic sanitizer

We offer organic disinfectant and sanitizer for cleaning, sanitation product  and control of mosquito and flies. Strong anti micorbial action results in immidiate control of foul smell and propogpaton of mosquito and flies. We also offer composting culture.


Making a pioneer beginning in 1975, we diversified to granulated customized organic &亚涩APP网站客户端. The farmer belief and trust has been with us and that trusted association has kept us and our products a FIRST choice amongst farmers.

The increasing use of 亚涩app在线下载地址 for agriculture is being advocated widely for reasons known and understood by all. Irresponsible use of chemicals in soil and on plants have shown serious effects on quality of output and its impact on human and cattle health. Its high time we restrict use of synthetic harmful chemicals and replace it with botanical, bio and biological solutions. The quality of agri inputs has direct coorealtion with health of human and cattle. We offer complete solutions for biological agriculture, be it for organic fertilizer, bio fertilizer, Organic Pesticide, Bio Pesticide, soil nutrient management, plant protection products pest management or water conservation at most cost effective terms. The products have been designed to reduce labor, save cost and reduction in inventory of multiple inputs.



Suraj Shree Chemicals Ltd takes complete care to make sure you obtain and relish products of the highest quality. Stringent quality measures and good manufacturing practice are supportive of this vision.


Partner with Us

We welcome progressive mindsets for long term business association for range of inputs, feed and sanitation product manufactured by us. For more details, get in touch with us